Our Story….

Chatham First was established in August 1998 by a group of civic minded individuals interested in working on initiatives to improve the quality of life in Chatham and the adjacent community.  The chartering resolution described the group as  “residents interested in rejuvenation of the Town of Chatham ” and lists the mission as “encouraging  opportunities for the public, in general, and organizations, in particular, toward meaningful participation in economic revitalization and historic preservation.”  
Since its inception, Chatham First has evolved and adapted to various needs in the community. It membership has grown and is more diverse. This has allowed for a variety of new efforts and projects including; Competition Alley Farmers Market, a butterfly garden and community herb garden. Improved community visibility has attracted new members and allowed an increased budget which can provide for marketing and public relations programs to better serve the organization and local businesses.

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Our Board Members:

Chairperson: John Harris

Amy Davis
Casey Smith
Hannah Orgain
Richard Cocke
Robert Gamlowski
Robert McNutt
Wanda Gammon

Our Officers:

President: Alisa Davis

Vice President: Mary Lee Black

Secretary: Amy Morris

Treasurer: Joel Keneipp